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LIDAR Selection Guide

Sensor Intelligence for Industrial & Professional Robots.

SICK LIDAR solutions offer amazing precision in a compact design. The SICK TiM3xx series offers a proven industrial design at an economical price and is one of the smallest laser scanners on the market. The TiM5xx series scans a large monitoring area of up to 60m2 and offers a low power consumption of just 3 W all in a compact, rugged design. Use this selection guide to determine which laser scanner is right for you.

ModelMax Range (m)Resolution (deg)RangingDetectionFree field shapeInterfaceDiscrete IOConnectorHeaterSize
TiM571-2050101250.33YNNEthernet/USBPNPM12NSmall request a quote
TiM561-2050101100.33YNNEthernet/USBPNPM12NSmall request a quote
TiM562100.33YNNEthernet/USBPNPM13YSmall request a quote
TiM361-2134101100.33NYYEthernet/USBPNPM12NSmall request a quote
TiM362100.33NYYEthernet/USBPNPM13YSmall request a quote
TiM551-2050001101YNNEthernet/USBPNPM12NSmall request a quote
TiM351-2134001101NYYEthernet/USBPNPM12NSmall request a quote
TiM510-9950000S0143YNNSerial/USBPNPM12NSmall request a quote
TiM310-113000041NYNUSBPNPM12NSmall request a quote
TiM310-103000041NYNUSBPNPD-subNSmall request a quote
TiM310-1030000S0141YYNUSBPNPD-subNSmall request a quote
TiM310-01030000S0241NYNUSBPNPFlyingNSmall request a quote
TiM310-1030000S0241NYNUSBNPND-subNSmall request a quote
TiM310-1130000S0241NYNUSBNPNM12NSmall request a quote
TiM320-103100041NYYUSBPNPD-subNSmall request a quote
TiM320-113100041NYYUSBPNPM12NSmall request a quote
TiM320-0131000S0241NYYUSBNPNFlyingNSmall request a quote
TiM320-1131000S0241NYYUSBNPNM12NSmall request a quote
LMS151-10100500.25YYYEthernet/SerialPNP/NPNM12/M8YMedium request a quote
LMS511-10100800.17YYYEthernet/Serial/USBPNP/NPNM12YLarge request a quote
TIM100-301020031NYYI-O LinkPNPM12   request a quote